I am pleased to write this reference letter on behalf of Melanie K. Nesbit. I am a working mother of a five-year-old girl and a two-year-old son with a very busy family and professional life. A close friend recommended Melanie, to me after our nanny of four years had to leave our family rather abruptly to care for one of her ailing family members. We of course did not know how smoothly our child care arrangement would go since we had only employed one nanny over the course of four years to take care of our children pretty much since they came home from the hospital. Melanie however to our delight, jumped right in and quickly adjusted to our families’ schedule creating a smooth transition for my children and our family. When we originally hired Melanie it was with the understanding that she would stay with us on a temporary basis while our family searched for a new nanny. Melanie stayed with our family and cared for our children for a little over a year (September 2007 – September 2008) until our original nanny was able to return to our family. We have found Melanie to be extremely dependable, flexible, competent and trustworthy. She is very much in tune with my children and loves to interact with them by finding creative ways to have fun. I have traveled with Melanie and our children on business trips before and have been extremely impressed with Melanie’s organizational skills. She was not only interested in where we would be traveling to but she actually took the time to research activities for children and “places to see” prior to our departure, so that I could focus on my business trip while knowing that my children were enjoying themselves. Our children enjoy Melanie’s company and are always glad to see her. We would highly recommend Melanie to a family that is looking for a childcare provider that is responsible, hardworking and yet respectful of your house rules on such things as nutrition, television time and discipline. Melanie is well regarded as an exceptional experienced nanny who cares about children and families. We are glad to have had her in our life and would not hesitate contacting her for any future childcare needs.
M. Purdy

What services were rendered?
Newborn Care/Sleep Training

Were you satisfied with the services provided?
Yes, very.

Would you use Nanny on the Move Services again?
Yes, definitely.

Would you refer Nanny on the Move?
Yes, have already been referring her services.

Are you willing to give Nanny on the Move permission to use you as a reference?

Additional comments:
This was money well spent. Melanie’s services were invaluable. We had our second little one who was quite small at birth and liked to snack and wake every half hour. This was really draining on my husband and me and did not allow us to give the proper attention to our 4 year old son. Melanie was able to come in and help us get him on a good day and night schedule. We saw a noticeable difference after one day in the baby’s happiness. Melanie did her job so well we were able to get him sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, which was from 7:30 p.m. to 7 a.m., this made for an extremely happy baby, mommy, daddy and older brother. The pediatrician was quite impressed with this feat. It was not a fluke as he is still going all night at 10 weeks. Yippee!
D. Cameron

Melanie is a first rate newborn care specialist and travel nanny whom we respect absolutely. In desperation, after six exhausting weeks taking care of our colicky newborn daughter, we turned to Melanie. After a few nights with Melanie, and some changes we made based on Melanie’s very diplomatically presented suggestions, Sophie settled down and ever since has been a pretty easy baby to care for. Not only did Melanie prove to be an expert at newborn care, which one would expect based on her credentials, but she also proved very adept at managing and teaching us parents, which in our case was a challenge because we have our own ideas on how we want to care for our children. Melanie cheerfully accommodated our instructions, earned our trust, and in the end convinced us to change some of our ideas. Later, we used Melanie’s travel nanny service for several trips due to a family illness. We had a lot on our minds and Melanie functioned very independently. We have complete confidence in her judgment and didn’t worry about our children at all. Additionally, Melanie functioned very well with the family. She interacted very well with the adults, which made everyone feel comfortable with her presence. Melanie seemed to know when to keep the kids “out of the way” and when their presence would help. We most strongly recommend Melanie. She is wonderful.
A. & J. Marshall

What services were rendered?
A. Newborn Care/Sleep Training

Were you satisfied with the services provided?
Yes . Melanie helped my son break some "habits" such as needing the pacifier and frequent eatings at night when he was big enough to go through the night without extra feedings.

Would you use Nanny on the Move Services again?
Yes . Yes, but luckily, I'm not having any more children! However, I would use her for temp. or travel nanny positions.

Would you refer Nanny on the Move?

Are you willing to give Nanny on the Move permission to use you as a reference?
Yes .

Additional comments:
Melanie knows what she's doing. You just have to trust her! Enjoy your sleep!
D. Robinson, DDS

Melanie has always been very prompt and willing to stay as late as needed. When interacting with the children, Melanie remains kind and loving, but she still requires proper behavior. The children enjoy Melanie's company, and are always glad to see her come. My husband and I will miss the comfort of knowing that  a competent and trustworthy person is available when we need her.  We will deeply miss Melanie when she leaves our city.
J. Brenner

I am writing to give a reference for Melanie Watts. She is so good that we basically don't use anyone else unless we absolutely have to.  Melanie is extremely conscientious, dependable and hard-working. My children, a two year old boy and a nine month old girl love her and always look forward to her being here.

My husband and I had never used a nanny before, except for grandparents until the time our baby girl was 2 months old. I knew I had to find someone who didn't get frazzled easily and who could stay extremely organized to keep our two very small children on their nap and feeding schedules. (Not to mention everything else that goes along with having 2 children under the age of 2!) Melanie was perfect for the job! If I had a need for a full time nanny, she would certainly be my first choice.
K. Rice

Let it be known that Melanie Watts has been a dependable and loyal employee. when she worked for us, she was flexible and fun to be around. She enjoyed the children tremendously.
D. Buthion

I have found Melanie to be prompt, trustworthy, and extremely reliable. She follows my instructions and is very attentive to the needs of my children. My children are very fond of her. I highly recommend Melanie.
J. Onken

Melanie is a loving person and well educated in Early Childhood Development. I have all the confidence in the world in her skills. She interacts with the children. I give her the highest of recommendation in her field, caring for young children.
J. Barr

Melanie has a real gift for handling children. She seems to have a natural way of knowing how to care for them in a loving way. she is able to set limits and be in total control of a situation without ever having to physically discipline the children and without losing her temper. For Melanie, caring for our children was more than a job. Melanie is extremely honest, trustworthy and dependable. Melanie took the very best care of our children and we always felt they were in very good hands.
C. Hulett

Melanie took care of us when we were babies and young children. She took great care of us. We still love her and keep touch with her. Melanie has a special way with kids. We knew she was in charge, but she was always loving and kind. We had fun when we were with her and always felt like we were in good hands. Our parents liked that she gave them reports about us. Melanie still calls us her "kids" and always wants to know what is going on in our lives. Our lives have definitely been enriched due to her presence and loving care. Melanie shaped our lives in a very positive way, teaching us from a very young age to love and respect those around us. The older we get the more we realize the importance of these lessons. We are thankful to have learned the merit of the lessons when we did. Melanie is a very special person and it is always a joyous occasion when we get to see her.
S. Moehlenbrock, born May 1987 – age 19
C. Moehlenbrock, born November 1989 – age 17



Melanie K Nesbit
Nanny/Newborn Care Specialist
4516 Lovers Lane #158
Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: 469-438-8134




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